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Where are the Loves?

If you’ve visited this site over the last couple months you may have wondered where we’ve been. Have we been on vacation? Did we succumb to the heat in the Dominican? Perhaps the mosquitoes picked us up and carried us away! Well we’ve been here and have had an incredibly busy first half of 2015. The reality is that it’s become so easy to just pull out our phones, snap a photo of what we’re doing and post it to Facebook that we’ve felt like we were communicating so much more, even if this site was sitting dormant. Combine that with the fact that we’ve been working hard, seven days a week, on new playgrounds, new libraries, new promotional videos for LACC and so much more that we haven’t had much time to handle the things that didn’t “ring.” That’s no excuse and we know that not everyone is on Facebook, which is why we just posted a couple new videos to the site and are about to send out a newsletter. There’s more good stuff coming, but rather than dump it on you all at once, we thought maybe we’d save something for next week!

If you would like to stay more current on what we’re up to, Facebook probably is the best way. You can find Matt at and Carrie’s at You can also feel free to drop us an e-mail any time, or submit a message through this site.

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