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Unidos Por El – 2013

Each year in La Vega, Dominican Republic they celebrate a festival called Carnaval. I think it would be fair to think of it as as a Dominican Mardi Gras. As you can imagine, the churches in this area have long tried to hold events which could give Christians an alternative activity to turn to and several years back, missionaries Mitch and Debbie Martinez, launched an activity which has become a huge success. Unidos Por El or United for HIM is an event which has pulled together churches and evangelical groups to put on Christian concerts during Carnaval. This year the event was televised live on TV both in La Vega and in Santo Domingo as well. At Mitch and Debbie’s invitation Carrie and I went up for two nights and helped train the camera operators and help with some of the video production of the event. I was also able to grab some great shots, which you can see by clicking here.

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