The Way They Should Go

The Santiago Series

Education is one of, if not the most important factors when attempting to help children escape abject poverty. That is why we believe so strongly in Latin America ChildCare. The great thing is, LACC doesn’t stop with just education. Our feeding programs help young children get the nourishment they need and the Gospel message brings true hope and inspiration into their lives. It’s an incredible encouragement to look at the impact that our schools have, not only on the students, but on their families and the communities around the schools as well. At the Efrain school in Santiago, students are three times as likely to graduate from high school than the national average. They’re more likely to go on to university and their lives truly are transformed by attending the school.


To show how the Efrain school is impacting the world for Christ, we made a series of short videos that share the stories of a graduate who returned to work at the school, a teacher, a mother, a student, and a very special couple that have gone on from Efrain to impact the world. Over the course of September we’ll be introducing the videos, one each week, to kick off this next school year. Come back throughout September to see all five.

Episode 1-Reaching Communities


Episode 2-Teaching Students


Episode 3-Impacting Families


Episode 4-Transforming Youth


Episode 5-Reaching the World


Thank you for supporting us and the work of Latin America ChildCare here in the Dominican Republic!!

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