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For the last year we’ve been slowly building up to a massive project, equipping 5 different computer labs at LACC schools across the Dominican. Each computer lab would see 15 new computers installed and networked, complete with the latest versions of MS Windows and Office; something no LACC school in the country had ever had. The installation alone would be a chore, but we also planned to build each of the computers from the ground up, all in five days!!

Thankfully this has been done before. The Little Davey group has been helping Latin America ChildCare schools equip computer labs for the last nine years and have a pretty good system down. The team worked so efficiently that we built and tested all 75 computers in one day!! We took Sunday off and over the course of the next four days, visited each of the different schools for installation.  There were challenges of course, electricity being the primary problem, but the team overcame them all. As we saw the excitement in the kids’ eyes, we knew it was well worth the effort.

Not only did the team accomplish that incredible task, but they also made sure to think of our teachers, which we greatly appreciated. Each teacher (over 100) received a gift bag from the team, expressing gratitude for all of their hard work and sacrifice. It was a very thoughtful touch.

While the team were the ones on the ground installing the computers, we never would have been able to pull the project off without the help of some very generous donors who helped us raise our portion of the money needed to achieve the goal. We also have to mention ‘super missionaries’ Rod and Sherry Boyd who introduced us to Little Davey. Thank you all so much!!

You can see some photos from the week by clicking here, and be sure to watch the wrap up video here.

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  1. Karen Neal says:

    Nice job of telling about our trip and work! It was a joy to be part of the project and see God’s work in another country. Thank you for all your hard work helping and driving us through the crazy traffic! Blessing.

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