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Rainer’s mom says thanks

Twice a year we give each of our sponsored students a chance to write their sponsors. With almost a thousand letters to translate, Carrie has her work cut out for her! Every now and then she comes across one that touches her and she shares it with me. Rainer is too young to write a letter himself, but here’s what his mom helped him write.


Dear Sponsor,

I am Ramona, Rainer’s mother.

We hope that you are well and that your family is well. Rainer’s father and I are very happy that you are praying for our son. Our son is very special and is very smart in school. He is very sweet to his parents and his siblings. He likes to go to church and says that when he grows up that he wants to play guitar just like his daddy.

We are very grateful to God for you, and we hope that the grace and wisdom of God would always be with you. Thank you for everything. May the peace of God be by your side.




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  1. Rachael says:

    Gloria a Dios!

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