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Latin America ChildCare is able to exist because of amazing people who sacrifice $32 a month to sponsor a student in our program. That $32 helps the student with their tuition, books, school uniform and lunch program at a school where teachers care about them. Letters are written and bonds are formed. What better way to enhance that experience than through a photo? That’s why we strive to make sure we have a current photo of every student in the LACC program. Sounds easy enough, but it’s no small chore! Here in the Dominican we’re in the process of visiting each of the 16 schools we’ve partnered with to review student info, gather new data and take lots and lots of pictures. Here are some shots from last week’s work.

Here’s our team getting ready, Carrie and Hannlex are taking down children’s height, weight, and arm size as part of the feeding program. Dalma (right) has been confirming each student’s info in our database. You’d be surprised at how many of them have changed their favorite color since first joining the program!

A long line of students heading to the baseball field where we were taking photos that day.

Students verifying all their info with Dalma.

Matt using a mountain of gear to try and get a photo that looks as good as possible.

The end result!

By the time we’re through, we’ll have put thousands of kilometers on our Speed the Light vehicle, taken thousands of photos and verified thousands of points of data, all because we want to help build a strong relationship between these kids and their sponsors, and see their lives transformed along the way.

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  1. Paul says:

    Amazing angle and lighting on the pics, go Loves! You guys never cease to amaze.

  2. Kyle says:

    Wow! I love your guys updates & to see all you are doing for the Glory of God! Thanks for being our heroes!

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