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One of our recent team members was moved to sponsor a child at the school she visited and posted her thoughts on Facebook, what she wrote touched me and so I got her permission to share it here!

Nearly 15 yrs ago, I was enrolled in a school that gave me far more than a formal education. Milton Hershey School removed me from an improvise neighborhood and propelled me on a path to success. Today, I have decided to sponsor this beautiful girl. Through LACC and a small donation of $32 a month, she will be given a proper education in a supportive Christian environment. Hopefully, one day her dream of becoming a doctor will be achieved. She is not alone in her search to find a sponsor. There are other children in her community hoping that someone would believe in their dream.

Step out in faith and change a life of a child.

Please visit

Thank you and God bless! XO

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