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Harbor Beach helps out in Santiago

Saturday night, June 10, I laid down and tried get some rest, but had my alarm set for just after midnight. That’s when I got up and headed to the airport to pick up 18 folks coming down to help out one of our schools for a week. Their flight landed early, just before 2 am. Little did I know that I wouldn’t be getting much more rest any other night of the week! 

The team was launched out of Harbor Beach, MI and they weren’t coming for a vacation, or a laid back week. Our days started with 6:30 devos followed by a hard day of laying block and hauling concrete with a heat index well over 100 degrees. Our work day was interrupted only by prayer rotations, with one team member always pulled out for prayer. The rather intense days were followed by a short break to shower and grab a meal before heading back out into the community to minister to kids. By the end of the week I was exhausted, but very blessed to see an incredible amount of work accomplished.

This team along with a few nationals poured footings and beams, laid over 3,000 blocks and mixed all the concrete and mortar by hand! At the end of the week Carrie and I pried them away to grab a couple hours at the beach before dropping them off for their flight home, which left the airport at…. 2:10 am!! This was one team we’re hoping to see back in the D.R. soon.

To see photos from the teams week in the Dominican, click here!

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