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  • A Day In The Life

    A Day In The Life

    To go straight to the “Day In The Life” experience, Click Here. For the backstory, read below.   In early 2015 we were in a meeting with the Latin America ChildCare leadership, discussing our plans for General Council. In discussing our booth, someone commented that it would be really great if we could have a interactive […]

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  • Where are the Loves?

    If you’ve visited this site over the last couple months you may have wondered where we’ve been. Have we been on vacation? Did we succumb to the heat in the Dominican? Perhaps the mosquitoes picked us up and carried us away! Well we’ve been here and have had an incredibly busy first half of 2015. […]

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  • The Little Davey Team

    Little Davey Team

    For the last year we’ve been slowly building up to a massive project, equipping 5 different computer labs at LACC schools across the Dominican. Each computer lab would see 15 new computers installed and networked, complete with the latest versions of MS Windows and Office; something no LACC school in the country had ever had. […]

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  • The Santiago Series


    Education is one of, if not the most important factors when attempting to help children escape abject poverty. That is why we believe so strongly in Latin America ChildCare. The great thing is, LACC doesn’t stop with just education. Our feeding programs help young children get the nourishment they need and the Gospel message brings true […]

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  • Rainer’s mom says thanks

    Twice a year we give each of our sponsored students a chance to write their sponsors. With almost a thousand letters to translate, Carrie has her work cut out for her! Every now and then she comes across one that touches her and she shares it with me. Rainer is too young to write a […]

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  • Smile of the Week

    Smile of the Week

    Part of our job as country coordinators for Latin America ChildCare here in the Dominican is making sure that all the students with scholarships have a current photo. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, when you’re talking about more than a thousand students, spread through 16 schools all across the country, the task gets a little […]

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  • Reaching Out To Kids With Disabilities


    C.A.S.A. Gosen Last fall we received a Special Touch Ministries team that came down to the D.R. with a passion to encourage our LACC schools and the Dominican church in how to incorporate students and individuals with disabilities. During their time here we learned about a ministry that was connected to one our LACC schools […]

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  • New Opportunities

    A funny thing happens when you do good work and get things done. You get put in charge of more. Being married to Carrie, it happens a lot, and at the beginning of the year we were asked to take on the position of Regional Coordinators for LACC. Essentially that means that we now get […]

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  • A big blessing for some little kids

    While a team from International Christian Center from NY was here last fall working with one of our LACC schools, we went to a boys home we’ve gotten to know. The team spent some time ministering to them and having some good ‘ol fun. After they got back stateside, one of the pastors had a […]

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  • Unidos Por El – 2013

    Unidos Por El

    Each year in La Vega, Dominican Republic they celebrate a festival called Carnaval. I think it would be fair to think of it as as a Dominican Mardi Gras. As you can imagine, the churches in this area have long tried to hold events which could give Christians an alternative activity to turn to and […]

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