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Calvary Temple Changes Lives in S.F.

There is a neighborhood in San Francisco de Macoris called Vista de San Francisco. It’s a poor, humble community that sits on a hill overlooking the city. Most days there is no running water and the children of the family walk down a large hill with empty jugs to carry water back to their homes. A fortunate few have the opportunity to attend an LACC school which is a little less than a mile from where they live, but most have little chance of changing their circumstance. So what is these children’s favorite time of year? It isn’t Christmas or any other holiday. Their favorite time of year usually comes in June or July. It’s when they hear the sound of a white Nissan truck struggling up the steep hill with a dozen or so teenagers in back. The kids wait each summer for that sound and know it well. They come running and screaming, excited because they know that for the next several days they are going to play games, do crafts, get candy, hear bible stories and learn about Jesus. For these few days of the year, they’re going to feel special, they’re going to feel loved. I know because the children bring crafts and photos from years gone by from their homes and show me their cherished treasures as they ask about team members from years past. Pastor Mike Montgag knows too, that’s why for almost a decade he comes back with a team to this community almost every year, and not just Vista, but communities like this all over San Francisco de Macoris. This year Pastor Mike and his team from Calvary Temple pulled off yet another amazing week of ministry that hundreds of kids will never forget. Thanks Mike, and thanks Calvary Temple!!

See photos from the team by clicking here.

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