The Way They Should Go

All Settled In

Carrie and Matt on their new front porch

In the beginning of May, we arrived back in the Dominican Republic for our next four years of service. We spent the first week looking for a new place to live and were blessed to find a lovely home only 5 minutes from our office. The next several weeks we spent on installing a/c units, painting and getting the dust and mold off of all of our things that were in storage. (Carrie did 28 loads of laundry to wash all of the sheets, towels, blankets, clothes, etc. to get rid of the nasty smell!) In addition to getting our house set up, we’ve been busy renewing our residency, having meetings with our staff and gearing up for a busy term. Our first team arrives in less than a week! Thank you so much to all for all of your prayers and support.


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