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About Us

A Little about us…


  • Missionaries to: The Dominican Republic
  • Missionaries since: April 2006
  • Anniversary: June 23, 2001
  • Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

ChildHope in the D.R.

ChildHope represents the largest network of Evangelical Christian Schools in Latin America with 300 schools in 21 countries affecting the lives of nearly 100,000 children each day. In the Dominican Republic, our schools are strategically located in the poorest areas of the country. These schools exist to give Dominican kids a chance, a chance to grow up healthy, a chance to get an education and a chance to know Jesus.


  • Number of Schools: 16
  • Number of Students: 7,000
  • Year started in the D.R.: 1987
  • Fav Hobby: Teams


Carrie has a masters degree in Educational Leadership and works to improve the overall quality of our ChildHope schools. She has a passion to equip the teachers for the work they do and to work with the leadership in the schools towards more effective outreach to the students. Recently, Carrie completed her BA in film and she looks forward to using her new skills both in promoting the ministry and in teaching aspiring Dominican film makers.


  • Carrie’s B-day: February 3rd
  • Favorite Hobby: Film Studies
  • Favorite food: Mexican Tacos
  • TBBT Character Most Like: Leonard


Matt has a degree in Entrepreneurial Business Management and he works to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of ChildHope in the DR. By stretching our resources we can extend our reach and help ChildHope touch more kids for Jesus in the Dominican. Matt is also a self taught photographer/videographer and Apple IT man and he uses his skills to promote the ministry and train others to do the same.


  • Matt’s B-day: September 3rd
  • Favorite Hobby: Cameras
  • Favorite food: Dominican rice and beans
  • TBBT Character Most Like: Sheldon