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A Day In The Life

To go straight to the “Day In The Life” experience, Click Here. For the backstory, read below.


In early 2015 we were in a meeting with the Latin America ChildCare leadership, discussing our plans for General Council. In discussing our booth, someone commented that it would be really great if we could have a interactive type of experience. At that moment I recalled the books I loved as a child, the choose your own adventure style. Every couple pages there would be a decision the reader would have to make, “if you go left turn to page 37, if you turn right go to page 48.” I would mark each decision with a finger until I had none left to turn the pages so I could go back and reconsider any ill fated choices. Out of that memory came the idea for “A Day In The Life.” We decided to create a “choose your own adventure” event that would allow visitors to our General Council booth to experience the real life choices that children, parents and teachers have to make every day in Latin America. We chose four true stories and used them for the base of our app. It was a HUGE hit and it’s now been made available online. Top up your cup of coffee and Click Here to give it a try. Be prepared for some difficult circumstances and don’t worry, you can always go back to the beginning and start again! Let us know what you think.

3 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    I think that was amazing!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Thank God for creativity!
    He uses it all!

    Miss you guys.

  2. Dave says:

    Matt! Dave lewicki here. I’m not sure where to begin with telling you how proud of you and Carrie I am. I just watched a video of you refurbishing a swing set and that was the first I had seen you….in too many years. I know that’s just one of the few million things you are doing down there but I’m glad I was able to see it. My first reaction after watching that was to at some point get my wife and I down there for a few days and dedicate ourselves to some project of yours that we could help with. I say a few days becuase I’m not sure we could be away from our kids for any longer. But it would be good to see you and help even though it would only be in some minuscule way I know. So if you by chance read this, reach out if you have the time. So happy and proud of you two.

  3. Barbara Betzing says:

    Our son loved the choose your own adventure series too. Your application to these true life choices in Latin America make life there a vivid picture for us.
    Thank you Lord for blessing Matt and Carrie with divine energy, determination and most of all love for the people. Blessings all around.

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